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Journey to 100: How to Run Your First 100km Ultramarathon – And Love It

Nick Muxlow is an Australian based ultramarathon and triathlon coach. Journey to 100, Nick’s first book, will teach you how to prepare and train for an ultramarathon, be it your first or your best!

The book explains ultra “basics” such as mental fitness (which, believe me, is a huge part of success in an ultra), technical running terms, and how to fuel for an ultra. The latter is vital information to avoid an unhappy DNF. Nick outlines some running sets (e.g. tempo sessions) and explains why they are an important part of building your overall fitness.

In the section about preparation, Nick talks about all the things, other than training, that you need to do to get to the start line of an ultra and, for me, the practical advice in this section is what sets this book part from others about endurance running. I am pretty sure Nick has anticipated just about every question you might ask – he explains how to negotiate aid stations, what to put in your drop bags and more.

The book concludes with three different training programs so you can pick the one that best aligns with your circumstances. Nick does not delude you into thinking running 100km will be easy but he does give you confidence that if you follow the Journey to 100 program, you’ll cross the finish line and achieve the impossible!

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