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Roar by Stacy T. Sims PhD

“ROAR: How to match your food and fitness to your female physiology for optimum performance, great health, and a strong, lean body for life” by Stacy T. Sims, PhD

I’ve read a “marathon” of books about endurance training and fuelling for exercise but “ROAR” is the first one I’ve read written specifically for women.

What a revelation! The introduction starts with the lines: “You are not a small man. Stop eating and training like one.” YES, YES, YES!!!

Sims explains:

  • How women’s hormones impact our training, such as periods and performance; 
  • How women’s physiology, like wider hips for childbirth means we have different angles (Q-angle) between quadriceps and patellar tendon and how that impact injury risk;
  • Recovery techniques specific to women because blood flow post exercise is different between men and women;
  • How body composition shifts and ,\metabolism changes and wha this means in terms of fuelling; and
  • Bone health for women and note, this does not equal taking calcium supplements.

“Roar” is packed with practical advice and case studies to help women athletes eat in a way that enhances their performance at any stage in life.

I loved this book and highly, highly recommend it.

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