Nutritional Interventions for Shift Workers with Nutrition Scientist Maxine Bonham


Maxine Bonham


Let me introduce you to our guest, Maxine Bonham.

This week I chat with nutrition scientist, Associate Professor at Monash University Maxine Bonham, about how shift work impacts health, in particular the relationship between circadian rhythms (body clock) and weight gain.

Shift workers are at increased risk of adverse health outcomes such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease simply because of the hours they work. When normal circadian rhythms, that is waking when the sun rises and sleeping at night, are disrupted, the body responds differently to food intake. Maxine is an expert in this field and has conducted studies to research strategies such as meal composition that are beneficial to shift workers from a health point of view.

Currently Maxine and her colleagues are recruiting for the SWIFt Study, investigating a range of weight loss strategies for shift working populations to try and identify one that may be better suited to their lifestyle. If you are interested in finding out more, please click on the link below.


I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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