Five Minute Food Facts – Sugar


Amanda Hayes


In today’s Five Minute Food Facts episode I will discuss that sticky subject, sugar. I’ll walk you through what sugar actually is, what it does in the body and where we obtain it in food.

I’ll discuss how sugar can be “hidden” in manufactured foods with all the fancy and confusing-sounding names it can go by. In that respect, I refer to an article by Catherine Saxelby – here is the link:

I look at some of the digestive issues caused by some sugars, like lactose intolerance, and the negative health impacts of excess sugar consumption including metabolic diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Finally, I let you know recommended daily consumption amounts.

In the podcast, I refer to Jamie Oliver’s 2010 TED talk, “Teach Every Child About Food” – here is the link:

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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