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Helen Hyde


Let me introduce you to our guest, Helen Hyde.

Today’s podcast guest, Helen Hyde, runs her own personal training business, Helen Hyde Fitness. I was interested in Helen’s story because, like the majority of women I have interviewed, she has moved away from a corporate career into something that is more compatible wth family life and that developed from following her passion – in Helen’s case, movement and fitness. Helen lived a busy expatriate life for two decades that included moves from Adelaide to London to Sydney and then to Chicago, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore and finally back to Adelaide. Moving countries, and indeed cities, is challenging but also very rewarding and Helen’s evolution is testament to that; it was her expat friends that encouraged her to study her Certificate III in Fitness and the rest, as they saying goes, is history!

Helen Hyde Fitness is now a thriving business in Adelaide where Helen elects to train women. Her understanding of the stresses particular to women following child birth and juggling a busy family makes her a wise and empathetic trainer.

Helen and I also discuss how movement benefits wellbeing. Movement provides a physical outlet for stress, it enhances mood and improves immunity. Take a leaf out of Helen’s book and try to make time to move every day…you might end up running a marathon, as she did!

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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