Quitting alcohol and finding purpose with Grey Area Drinking Coach, Sarah Rusbatch


Sarah Rusbatch


Let me introduce you to our guest, Sarah Rusbatch.

I am pretty excited about this episode with Sarah Rusbatch. Sarah is a Health and Wellbeing Coach, Sobriety and Grey Area Drinking Coach, Motivational Speaker and all round inspiring person!
Sarah was the consummate party girl – always ready for a drink and a big night out with friends. Gradually, Sarah found her drinking, and efforts to moderate it, were consuming her mental space, causing her some regrets and that alcohol was ultimately taking more from her than it was giving. Sarah had fallen into a pattern of drinking known as “grey area drinking”  (more on what that actually means in the episode). After attempts to quit alcohol and then relapses to her former drinking patterns, Sarah quite alcohol for good in April 2019 and the benefits to Sarah’s health, her energy levels and her relationships have continued to flow.
 Sarah transformed her own life and has now helped thousands of women change their relationship with alcohol or quit drinking for good. She is an excellent example of someone whose passion has become her career.
If you are concerned about or question your own (or a friend’s or partner’s) relationship with alcohol, I guarantee this will be a very helpful episode for you.
Sarah offers Alcohol Free Challenge courses throughout the year. The next one is due to start in April 2023.
April Alcohol Free CHallange: https://sarahrusbatch.com/af-challenge-apr23

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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