The research that is moving us towards eliminating bowel cancer with Dr Susan Woods


Dr Susan Woods


Let me introduce you to our guest, Dr Susan Woods.

When we think of cancer research we often conjure images of test tubes, microscopes and lab coats. What are they doing, those brainy scientific researchers, and what are they finding out?
Today, I take you behind the scenes with biomedical scientist, Associate Professor Dr Susan Woods, who shares with us some of the ground-breaking and truly inspiring research taking place in her lab at Adelaide University Medical School. Susi specialises in gut (including bowel) cancer research. Her focus includes finding new ways to detect early stage bowel cancer because, as highlighted in my episode with Nick Lee OAM, when detected early, 95% of bowel cancer can be cured. Susi and her team are also looking at how to target treatment in later stage bowel cancer to act only on the cancer and reduce the unwanted side effects of current available treatments like chemotherapy.
Despite the heavy subject matter, my conversation with Susi left me feeling optimistic because of the amazing work she and her team do but also because she is aware of how important hope is to people with cancer and the work in her lab provides just that, hope for the future.


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I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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