Yoga instructor Veronique Ory shares how to show up with love and compassion on and off the mat


Veronique Ory


Let me introduce you to our guest, Veronique Ory.

I simply adored my discussion with yoga instructor, Veronique Ory of Yoga with Veronique. If you need some prompting to show up in your life with love and compassion, to remember self-love, please listen to my chat with Veronique because it will make you feel really good.

Veronique’s journey towards yoga is an interesting one. She studied Theatre at Russell Sage College in New York and worked in that space for years, including 17 years at the helm of her own theatre company, Athena Theatre Company. As many of us can appreciate, making a living in independent (off-Broadway) theatre is financially precarious and all the passion and dedication in the world cannot overcome the need to fund raise. Yoga was an antidote for Veronique to relieve the stress of that part of her job. In fact, Veronique was so taken by how yoga made her feel both on and off the mat that eventually, she wanted to help others find that stillness and happiness so she trained to become a yoga instructor.

Veronique has a unique approach to teaching yoga where she weaves in her passion for storytelling and expression through movement which she explains in our interview. Veronique was a joy to interview!


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