Understanding gender and neurodiversity with disability and queer rights activist Zane Landin


Zane Landin


Let me introduce you to our guest, Zane Landin.

I feel lucky to be able to share Zane Landin’s story with you on Vibrant Lives Podcast. Zane has many strings to his (young) bow but the message that came through very clearly in our discussion was the importance of empathy, storytelling and positivism.  For me, this episode was insightful because inclusion, acceptance and understanding are at the forefront of the minds of Zane and his peers.
Zane is a mental health and disability advocate, a queer rights activist, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of Positive Vibes Magazine, a digital magazine dedicated to telling authentic stories about mental health, wellness and inspiration.
Our discussion ranges over the importance of identity – Zane himself identifies as Hispanic, queer and disabled. We discuss how he experiences these identities and then we cover intersectionality, the interconnection between different identities.
In 2022, Zane was selected as one of 30 young people to attend the inaugural Mental Health Youth Action Forum at the White House in Washington DC and he shares his experiences there including his vision of how the media can be leveraged to impact mental health in a positive way. If Zane is one of the world’s young leaders then I feel like we are in capable hands.

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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