About Vibrant Lives Podcast

Dedicated to serving up dependable, valuable and stimulating information that empowers you to eat well, move well and think well.


Our Nutrition Information

Inspired by a passionate and personal desire to understand the interrelationship between nutrition and wellbeing, driven by a goal to deliver solid facts without the confusion and contradictions, focused on credible and stimulating subjects.

The Vibrant Host

Hello, I’m your host, Amanda.

After experiencing health related issues, I began a personal quest to understand as much as I could about the relationship between nutrition, wellbeing, and everything in between. 

My motivation is to deliver clear, credible information that people like me can trust. That’s why I put all my efforts into discovering the facts and sharing them in a way that everyone can relate to.

From Master of Human Nutrition to Master of this Podcast

My achievements, my thirst for knowledge, my journey.

My Beginnings in Law

I completed my LLB - Bachelor of Laws and BA(Jur) - Bachelor of Arts, and worked as a solicitor.

My Life Overseas

I lived in Hong Kong for a decade where my achievements included working at The Hong Kong International Literary Festival

My Learning Journey

Out of curiosity I began studying post-graduate Human Nutrition degree at Deakin University (Melbourne)

Moved back to Australia with my three children

My love for trail running continued to grow and my family increased as we got our dog 'Lenny'!

My Life Changing Decision

I decided to pursue areas closer to my heart and in 2017 I completed my MHumNutr - Master of Human Nutrition.

I was fortunate enough to be awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement  and received the Head of School Academic Achievement Award.

I Find My Place & Passion

Vibrant Lives Podcast (formerly Amanda's Wellbeing Podcast) was born

What’s Next For Vibrant Lives Podcast

Naturally, we all think about what tomorrow will bring. For Vibrant Lives Podcast, it’s always bigger, brighter, bolder, better. 

The podcast’s future will be full of guests from diverse backgrounds brimming with fountains of knowledge to share with us all and maybe even change your life.

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