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Grief, Grace and Gratitude: Transforming through Your Grief Journey

Grief, Grace and Gratitude is a beautiful and kind book that leads you through the process of grieving the death of a Loved One. It helps you understand the grief process by making sense of the array of emotions that are typically experienced. In a touchingly honest way, Lara includes her personal struggle with grief so you never feel alone; this book is like your  companion on the bewildering and often lonely journey through grief. Grief, Grace and Gratitude inspires you to face your grief head on, even when the experience is painful, all the while with the hope of healing and emerging transformed, full of precious memories.

Lara brings her experience as a professional grief counsellor and, throughout the book, encourages self-love and compassion, important parts of the healing process, and she includes practical tools designed to help achieve this. In a world where grief is often not openly discussed, this is a refreshing guide book to take you through one of the most difficult journeys of you life. I wish Lara’s book had been around when I was grieving a dear friend.

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