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Journey to Kona: How to Finish Your Best Ironman Triathlon, Qualify For Hawaii and Have Fun Doing It

Nick Muxlow, athlete, author, ultramarathon and triathlon coach, has published his second book, Journey to Kona, and what a gift it is for all triathletes, especially those of you who want to qualify for Kona!

I say Journey to Kona is a gift because it gives you all the information you need, beyond training itself, to toe the line at Kona, from mental fitness, to how to plan your race, your bag preparation and negotiating aid stations. Also, as the title promises, Muxlow never loses sight of the need to enjoy your training and racing.

Journey to Kona is packed full of practical, scientifically backed training techniques. Muxlow explains clearly and concisely different types of training sets a triathlete needs to do, like tempo and interval sessions, why they are necessary and how they fit into your training plan. He gives excellent tips on technique, racing nutrition, pacing and much more. The book also includes a comprehensive Ironman training plan and if you follow this, you are sure to finish your best Ironman race.

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