The paradox of acceptance with neuro-wellbeing writer and educator, Jessica Lee

Jessica Lee


Jessica Lee


Let me introduce you to our guest, Jessica Lee.

Do you struggle with adapting to unwanted change like an illness or being in lockdown?⁠

This week I interview neuro-wellbeing writer and educator, Jessica Lee. Jess shares some neuroscience based strategies to help you accept change, which she calls empowered acceptance. Rather than giving up, accepting the reality of a situation we many not want but we cannot change will help open our minds and broaden our perspectives. Empowered acceptance can help us find solutions, build resilience and create greater meaning and purpose in our lives.

Jess is also the founder of The Spark Effect where she offers courses and coaching. She is passionate about helping women and one of her courses, The Spark Effect Academy, is designed to help women reach their goals.


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