Nick Muxlow Returns – Athlete, Ironman Triathlon Coach & Author


Nick Muxlow


Let me introduce you to our guest, Nick Muxlow.

This week I am excited to welcome back athlete, coach and author Nick Muxlow to chat about his latest book, “Journey to Kona: How to finish your best Ironman triathlon, qualify for Hawaii and have fun doing it”.

This is a great episode for all triathletes (even if you don’t aspire to race Kona) because Nick shares his considerable knowledge about triathlon training principles. In order to train effectively, it is important to understand the different training techniques, such as using training zones and why you’re doing so. Today we take a closer look at triathlon swimming techniques, training intensity (i.e. zones), pacing and the all important, yet often overlooked, triathlon mindset. Nick also explains the mechanics of qualifying for Kona and the Roll Down ceremonies.

There is loads more useful information in Journey to Kona that we have not had time to cover today. To find out more, you can buy Journey to Kona (via Nick’s website or by clicking on the link to my book review).

Nick was my first ever podcast guest. In Episode #1 we discussed ultra running and his first book, “Journey to 100: How to run your best 100km ultramarathon – and love it”. Here is a link to that episode:


I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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