Physiotherapist, Brad Beer, On Bone Stress Injury and Bone Health


Brad Beer


Let me introduce you to our guest, Brad Beer.

In today’s episode of Amanda’s Wellbeing Podcast, I have an entertaining and lively chat with physiotherapist Brad Beer about bone stress injury (BSI) and much more. We discuss some of the main causes of BSI including biomechanical factors such as training errors (too much too soon) and biological factors such as bone health. It turns out, Brad is a dedicated advocate of promoting awareness around bone health and thinks it is a major public health burden not spoken about enough. Brad goes through the most important considerations, and it starts in childhood, to ensure optimal bone health. Some of those vital considerations include incorporating strength and conditioning into your weekly routine, ensuring optimal Vitamin D levels and that you fuel sufficiently to meet your training needs.

Brad has many feathers in his cap, not only does he run a very successful physio practice, POGO Physio, with a mission to get his patients to their Physio Finish LineⓇ as efficiently as possible, he’s an accomplished triathlete and runner, he hosts an excellent podcast, The Physical Performance Show (with over 1 million downloads), he’s the author of Amazon best-selling book, “You Can Run Pain Free” and, as you’ll hear, he’s generous with his knowledge and has a clear passion for promoting the importance of bone health.
Brad offers Telehealth online consultations at his practice POGO Physio, link below.


I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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