Empowering women in sport with Ironman champion, Sara Gross PhD


Sara Gross PhD


Let me introduce you to our guest, Sara Gross PhD.

What a privilege to spend some time in the company of Sara Gross. Sarah is a determined advocate for women in sport, a champion Ironman triathlete and, at the same time, humble and kind.

Sara shares with us an enjoyable insight into how she found her way into the sport of triathlon where, after years on the circuit as a pro, she finally won her first ironman in Brazil (2014) aged 38. We probe into what led to her success – hard work and consistent training, of course, but also the race fell at the “right” time in her cycle enabling Sara to perform at her best.

Not enough is known about how women’s menstrual cycles impact our training. Having this knowledge would allow us to adapt our training schedules to enable optimal results. Fortunately, this space is evolving thanks to the work of women like Sara and her friend and collaborator, Dr Stacy Sims.

Sarah is the CEO of Feisty, a company she founded in 2017. Feisty is a women-led media network dedicated to story-telling, critical-thinking and community. Feisty has a stable of 8 awesome podcasts about women’s performance. They host events like the annual Women’s Performance Summit, post informative articles and newsletters and more. Check it out – link below.

Feisty Women’s Performance Summit: https://livefeisty.com/events/

PS My sister’s 1000s CrossFit workout: 5 rounds of (400m run, 21 x deadlifts, 12 x box jumps) – sounds HARD!!

I hope that you enjoy this episode as much as I did making it, and don’t be shy, let me know what you think!

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